Use a timer to create content consistently

About This Episode

Are you living in emergency mode? The realness of what it means to be a REAL PERSON who has to create things and meet deadlines. We have to be clear what our purpose is so we don't get lost.

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Learn to protect your calendar

  • Have a confidence and standard about how and when you work
  • People tend to live in a state of emergency
  • Learn to assign specific calendar dates
  • Find better clients

Which social platform is going away?

  • Periscope, Google+, Snapchat

Notable quote: "Let's take all the mystery out of it." - Craig Harvey

  • The unknown creates fear
  • Use a timeline to structure your day
  • What steps can you take today to remove mystery out of something big coming up?
  • Figure out in chronological order what will happen next

Use a timer when you're working

  • Get your work DONE
  • See if you can beat the clock
  • Suppress your short term gratification!

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